Bhutan is an idyllic Buddhist kingdom known for its gentle way of life.  Bhutan is located in Southeast Asia at the eastern end of the Himalayas. The fourth king of Bhutan coined the phrase “gross national happiness” (GNH) more than 30 years ago to suggest an enlightened Eastern alternative to the pressures of the materialistic West.
Bhutan’s solution is to build its society around the four GHN pillars – sustainable economic development, conservation of the environment, preservation of culture and good governance.  The nine components of happiness include:
1)  Psychological well-being  2) Health  3) Time use (balance) 4)  Education  5)  Cultural diversity and resilience  6)  Good governance  7)  Community vitality  8)  Ecological diversity and resilience  9) Living standards.How is your community doing in adopting this principles?

Source:  Time Magazine / The Pursuit of Happiness by Jyoti Thottam/Thimphu