Effective Coaching and Counseling Skills For Managers and Supervisors

Intentional conversations that guide others to success

Clapping Business People
Do you have managers and supervisors who are “too busy” to coach their direct reports? Do you have employees who have not received any concrete feedback in over a year? Is your organization not retaining its top performers? Are performance issues going unaddressed and the issues have gone viral? The best leaders, managers and supervisors are those who develop other people. Managers with strong coaching skills are vital to ensuring that your business is retaining and effectively wielding your top performers, building and developing the strengths of your emerging power players, as well as identifying the team members who are not operating as the best fit for your organization. Your managers’ effective counseling skills can help guide the career paths of high potential candidates and create alternative paths for individuals who are not a company fit. These are mission-critical responsibilities for your managers and supervisors.  Arming them with the tools, techniques and best practices for coaching and counseling are essential to your company’s success.

The Vital Role of Managers and Supervisors

Coaching and counseling both play important and valuable roles in life in general, but also in business. Your managers and supervisors need to be equipped to look both at “what has happened so far” as well as “what we want to happen next”, and confidently and clearly guide others along those paths to clarity and success. Managers and supervisors must be trained on the best communication practice skills and techniques for having difficult conversations early and with ease, to give useful and tangible feedback and create a meaningful action plan that facilitates correction and supports the team member’s development – all while still meaningfully developing rapport with the employee. This isn’t always an easy task, because every team member is so different and brings a different set of issues and unique circumstances to the table. A good leader and manager must have the skills to know how to read others, and adjust the coaching style to be able to reach any individual. Ensuring your leaders are trained in the communication techniques that will increase the understanding and impact of information for all team members will make the task much easier and successful for everyone.

How We Can Help: Effective Coaching and Counseling

This session will help participants to:

  • Develop a sound protocol for conducting a meaningful coaching session
  • Understand how to deliver feedback that both praises and corrects team members while developing a positive atmosphere going forward.
  • Learn how to confidently have difficult conversations early and develop an effective and mutually agreeable action plan.
  • “Read” others and know how to adjust their style to reach those they coach.
  • Develop strategies and skills to effectively address and resolve conflicts leading to the highest quality outcomes.
  • Learn proven communication techniques that increase the impact and understanding of information amongst all team members.
  • Understand how to turn the performance review session into a productive coaching session and strategically guide all team members to improved performance.
  • Clearly understand the distinction between “coaching” and “counseling” and when they are appropriate.

Build the coaching competency of your leaders to help create your future leaders!