Who are our clients?

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“Thanks for the great job facilitating our meeting and guiding us toward finalizing updated mission and vision statements, outlining our strategy and drafting our new shared agreements and strategic plan.”

Monica Manotas Vice President / General Manager, Cole Parmer


“Thanks for bringing such a valuable program to our members! Communication is key to our member’s success. The feedback was enthusiastically positive!”

Program Manager Human Capital Services, Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council

Leadership Development

“Mari Pat is a phenomenal business leader’s thinking partner. We entered into a comprehensive partnership for a variety of objectives that included: leadership development, messaging, engagement and building a coaching culture in our organization. She worked one-on-one with our team members as well as providing dynamic training sessions. We greatly appreciated how she got to know us, listened to our goals and designed customized solutions around them. We hope to have her as a partner for life!”

Executive Director, Large Health Care Services Corporation, IT Division Chicago, IL

Leadership Development

“I have found Mari Pat’s personal leadership coaching to be more insightful and pragmatic than any book, any course, or any mentor. She shares a depth of knowledge, breadth of experience, and wealth of easy to understand and apply tools for improving leadership and communication effectiveness. Mari Pat has helped me develop my ability to communicate and lead in ways that are more meaningful to me and my team.”

Pete Thomas Global Demand Manager, DuPont Crop Protection

Vision Engagement

“In Dupont’s Crop Protection business, we set out to engage employees, build the communication acumen of our communication and marketing team along with taking a strategic approach to telling our story to both internal and external audiences. Mari Pat has been with us as a critical partner in helping us achieve these goals. She understands our business, goals, and culture and has built upon our strengths while offering a fresh perspective for the way forward. She is a trusted partner and we count on her. Our leaders see her as a coach and sounding board. Mari Pat has worked hard to ensure that our communication is strategic, inclusive and compelling.”

Juan Carlos Cruz, Director of Communications, DuPont Crop Protection

Vision Engagement

”Mari Pat is a great asset and added tremendous value as we worked to transform our organizational culture into one that is customer-focused. She created a strong internal communication strategy to help us engage employees and customers. I appreciated that she got to know our organization and team quickly and knew how to leverage our strengths. With her help, we developed new communication channels to reach our employees, fine-tuned our strategy, developed forums to collect customer intelligence and build goodwill, while supporting our leadership team for success. She is a strong, positive partner who I would highly recommend.”

Johnny D. Magwood Chief Customer Officer, Northeast Utilities Services Company

Vision Engagement

”Mari Pat, the coaching day we spent together was incredibly beneficial. You helped me develop a strategic approach to my communication that will assist me in confidently conveying our thought leadership platform to our clients.”

Becca Dernberger VP / General Manager, Northeast Manpower Group

Vision Engagement

Thank you for all your work and guidance as a facilitator for our strategic planning sessions. Particularly helpful, were your broader thoughts and insights into our challenges and your leadership throughout the process. Your participation made a critical difference in the delivery of our messages and our mission going forward.”

Jim Claffee President, American West Bank

Leadership Development

”I love entering the creative process with you – you take me and make me better.”

Kate Siegal Board Chair, Ounce of Prevention Fund

Communication Training

”Mari Pat’s experience and knowledge of the business environment and her ability to customize solutions specific to her clients is outstanding. She gave me needed direction and focus that I can apply on a daily basis.”

Steve Locke , Topco

Strategic Planning

”Mari Pat is a phenomenal resource for strategic planning. She knows how to balance moving a group through the process while allowing for idea generation, debate and ultimately consensus and collaboration.”

Lisa Resnik COO, The Speed Art Museum


“Mari Pat has established herself as our top coach and communication strategist.  We have been working with her for over 5 years to provide training, coaching and counsel at all levels of our organization.  She knows us and we count on her to help us to continue to develop strong leaders to drive our greatest ambitions and goals.”

Lori Procher, SVP, Talent & Development, North America at FGF Brands

Vision Engagement

”From communication coaching and leadership development to strategy planning, Mari Pat got to know our organization, goals, leaders and team members to ensure that we built a culture of transparency, inclusion, and engagement to deliver on our promises to our employees, customers, and shareholders.”

Alberto Paracchini CEO and President, Byline Bank