Great communicators are curious, kind, clear, and colorful

When I think of leaders and influencers who I admire, I always take note of the way they communicate.  Over time I have found that there are four qualities that appear to be consistently present in their approach to communication.

1 They are curious.  They seem genuinely interested in the perspective, insights and ideas of others.  This is not something you can fake but I do believe it can be cultivated.

2. They are kind.  By this I mean that they are capable of empathy – the ability to put themselves in another’s shoes and bring that sensibility and compassion to the conversation.  Sometimes you can read it in the eyes – a tenderness that shows them to be vulnerable and approachable.

3. They are clear.  Strong communicators know that having a point of view is engaging.  We are drawn to people who are clear and decisive and know where they are headed.  When that clarity is balanced with genuine curiosity and kindness – that individual is listened to, respected and followed.

4. They are colorful.  Engaging leaders use language to paint pictures in the minds of their listeners.  They tell stories, use metaphors and create vivid images that are memorable.