The Art of Building Consensus, Managing Change and Driving Execution

Every day you have an opportunity to build leadership capacity to manage through change – accept, adapt, adopt and be agile – while leveraging your influencing skills to drive execution. Lead with Influence is a course that will help you  do just that!

In the workplace, leading by influence is often more profound than leading by your positional power alone.

Leading through influence means building up a network of strong relationships built on trust and respect, and understanding how to present your ideas and your research in the right way to the right person at the right time to lead them in the direction you believe that they should go.  It’s about understanding the power dynamics within the business and knowing which decision makers need to be on-board with a direction before any group discussions begin.

It’s about leveraging your own knowledge and experience in a way that makes others feel comfortable relying on you for insight and information that they will use to make their decisions.  Finally, it’s about being transparent in your own work so that others know and understand where you’re coming from and why you’re suggesting the direction and strategic goals that you are.  Leadership is complex and simple. It’s art and science.  And to get things done, we must influence people at work all the time.

The course agenda is divided into four sections

  1. The Influencer in You
  2. Building Bridges
  3. Speed to Collaboration
  4. Lead the way

Course highlights include how to

  1. Understand the difference between positional power and leading through influence
  2. Align efforts understanding the “givens” (resource boundaries, foundational elements that won’t change, organizational vision)
  3. Build your interpersonal acumen
  4. Identify common challenges and opportunities where influence can help
  5. Increase your ability to adapt and adjust
  6. Manage the dynamics of change and position positively
  7. Use facts and analysis to persuade
  8. Build purposeful relationships that go beyond friendship
  9. Persuade to arrive at shared solutions

The value of this course to the participants and to the organization are:

  1. Inspiring others to execute and deliver, regardless of their position or authority level
  2. Empowering employees to become the most effective and influential leaders possible
  3. Making things happen, moving the organizations forward and producing powerful results
  4. Utilizing visibility to extend their influence and effect change

Start today to Lead with Influence.  Call us for more information on how we can customize a course for you.