OnPoint Presentations and Coaching is for individuals and teams who want to:

  • Influence, engage and activate their audiences
  • Increase buy-in from decision-makers and stakeholders
  • Develop greater confidence and composure
  • Hold the room and establish meaningful leadership presence

Discover how to deliver mission-critical messages that propel people to action.

Customized workshops, training and coaching options are available. 



You’ve reached a point in your professional journey where making presentations is an important part of what you do. Selling and promoting your company, your ideas, products or services is key to your success. It’s important to your career and yet

  •    You experience the nerves and anxiety that can derail your performance
  •    You are disorganized and unfocused
  •    You tend to overload your audience with too much information
  •    Your presentations are technically sound but lack a personalized connection to the audience
  •    Your delivery is lackluster and forgettable 

Creating and delivering compelling, engaging presentations are an important part of your career – make sure you do it right.

Obstacles to Effective Presentations

Nerves and anxiety are a normal part of the human experience, especially when it comes to public speaking and delivery. Everyone get nervous before speaking in front of a group of people, even if they’ve given hundreds of talks or presentations before: teachers, actors, celebrities, preachers, politicians, and business executives alike.

Disorganization and lack of focus in a presentation is another common culprit to delivering a compelling, winning presentation. The audience gets overloaded with too much information, you fail to really connect with them, and you end up with a presentation that doesn’t really pop, and is instead lackluster and ultimately forgettable.

These are common issues that everyone faces. But as the leader of your company, you can’t let your presentations be derailed by them. Your presentations need to grab your audience, every time.

What Can Be Done About It

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Those nerves and butterflies you feel can actually be transformed into a positive energy for your presentation, if you have the right tactics to channel them.

When you stand at the front of a room, you have the exciting opportunity to deliver and convey important, game-changing information. You need to show up prepared and organized in your thoughts and presentation.

You must know what steps to take in order to hit on all the message points you want to convey. You need to be able to zoom in on the most important talking points, assess and determine the main point you want to convey, and develop the best flow for your audience. Your presentation must deliver an undeniable pop to keep your audience attentive and engaged.

To do this, one of the most important skills is to accurately analyze and assess your audience, both ahead of time and on the fly during the presentation. You must understand and anticipate how they will respond and react to your information points, so that you can customize your presentation to fit that particular audience. You need to know how to get your audience fired up and involved, not just sitting back, bored in their seats.

There are a lot of paths to choose from when you’re crafting a presentation for a group, whether it’s a team meeting or an industry-wide conference. The worst thing you can do is not choose a path at all; the second-worst thing you can do if you want to deliver a stellar presentation is to choose the wrong one.

How We Can Help: OnPoint Presentations

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If you want to distinguish yourself as a confident, charismatic, clear and compelling speaker, this is the course for you! You will learn to:

  •    Prepare and organize for an on-point and laser-focused presentation
  •    Get centered, calm nerves and leverage nervous energy to boost performance
  •    Know how to determine what is “must know” information and create a purpose and outcome driven presentation
  •    Personalize your presentation through the use of stories and examples
  •    Analyze your audience and customize to fit their needs
  •    Become a “triple threat” by knowing how to maximize your visual, vocal and verbal messages
  •    Handle tough questions, challenging audience members and difficult situations
  •    Be memorable as a great presenter!

Our OnPoint Presentations Training can be organized into one- or two-day group training sessions that include:

Videotaping | On-the-spot Feedback | Preparation and Organization | Message Development | Visual and Vocal Improvement Strategies | Tactics for Impromptu Speaking | Relaxation Techniques | On-site Presentation Critique | Detailed Workbook / Multiple Presentation Opportunities

In private coaching, you set the agenda and we customize our approach based on what you want to accomplish. Coaching sessions can take place in person, on-site, over the phone and through electronic exchanges.