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What is Personal Branding?

Discover the power of defining your authentic self and aligning your leadership, communication and positioning to strengthen your personal brand to more effectively influence and engage others.  Workshops and private coaching available.Clapping Business People

Personal branding is one of the most important aspects to your career.

What is your personal brand? It is the signature experience you create during every interaction and encounter. Your brand describes what you do, who you serve, how people perceive you, your reputation, and the implicit promise you make to co-workers, colleagues, customers and clients.

Your brand is already out there. Even if you’ve never put half a thought into it before, you have a personal brand, and others are looking at it, all the time. Search your name on the internet and take a look at the results. That is your personal brand. What does it look like? Is it the image you want to project to your company and your clients? Is it a LinkedIn profile, well-crafted and reflective of your career accomplishments and accolades or is it a Facebook picture of you partying on the weekend? Is it an article about you doing a good (or bad) deed in the local newspaper? Is there not much out there at all? That says something too – that you’re not doing much at all worth talking about. All of those impressions count in personal branding.

Since your brand is available and public and potential clients are going to see it, you need to take proactive control of your personal brand, ensuring that what is out there is something you are actively crafting and managing. Your personal brand should reflect how YOU want to be perceived, and the face you’re showing to the public world is the one you want it to be.

Why does Personal Branding matter?

Clapping Business People
Personal branding is important. Your personal brand is the thing that sets you apart, that makes you stand out and be memorable, more than just another face in the crowd. It’s the thing that can make the difference between getting an important promotion inside your company or securing new clients.

Personal branding can pre-qualify you in the eyes of other people and set up for success. Your brand can create chemistry with your target audience before you’ve even met them – because they’ve already met you, and they want more. It gains you industry recognition. Your brand should convey confidence, competence and encourage others to feel a sense of trust that they will gain long-term satisfaction from a relationship with you.

Personal branding can help others determine that you add value and fit in with what they’re looking for, and with a good personal brand, you have an edge over someone who is just a name on a resume or a business card. The edge that personal branding gives you generates interest and opens doors, and gives you the opportunity to walk through them that other people without a compelling, cultivated personal brand won’t get.

How We Can Help: BrandYou Communication  

You might be asking yourself, “So how do I create a Personal Brand?”

BrandYou Communication builds a bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

Whether you have worked for a single organization for many years or are just starting with a new company – you are an entrepreneur at heart.  Each of us is responsible for our own career development and personal brand. Building your brand and your personal visibility helps you get noticed and serves your company by increasing their presence in the marketplace.

The challenge for busy professionals is you often don’t have time to take intensive courses or commit to long-term coaching.  

Speech Coach and Communication Consultant, Mari Pat Varga, takes her top 10 communication best practices and shares them in an interactive 60 minute to 3-hour session. Charismatic communication is a key differentiator for business professionals.

If you adopt and adapt these 10 techniques you’ll see your personal brand develop and your communication transform immediately. The techniques are user-friendly, practical and powerful.  

They include:

  • Becoming the ultimate brand ambassador for your organization
  • Leverage social media to create more visibility
  • Networking tips that build relationships
  • Two sentences that will guarantee message clarity
  • Discover “universal truths” that help you reach every audience
  • Formulas to organize instantly when you don’t have time to prepare
  • Delivery techniques from the acting and improv world
  • Story-telling techniques that will humanize any presentation
  • How to create a six second personal branding statement

BrandYou Communication will help you establish your personal brand and refresh, revive and recharge your communication – whether one-on-one, a teleconference, a staff meeting, a sales presentation or with a large auditorium audience.

Make meaning, be memorable and build your brand!