Lagniappe is an inspiring word.  Its origins are from Louisiana Creole French and it means “a small gift or additional quantity you might give to a valued customer”.   Just this a.m. I received a little lagniappe when I picked up my dry cleaning and the owner gave me a complimentary lint brush (I love lint brushes!)

In this season that focuses on appreciation and thanks, here are some ideas on how you could do something extra to let your colleagues and co-workers know you appreciate them.

  1. Lend a hand with a project that could use an extra set of hands
  2. Suggest an idea that might inspire a project that has hit a wall
  3. Stay late or come in early
  4. Volunteer to join a workplace sponsored community event
  5. Make the time for a coffee or lunch with someone who needs it
  6. Proof read a colleague’s work
  7. Teach a skill
  8. Share a technology tip
  9. Make an introduction
  10. Simply ask, “How can I help?”

Lagniappe is that 13th donut when you ordered a dozen.  Look around this season and finds ways to give a little something extra.  You’ll be glad you did – and so will they.