How many of your customers have over 5000 followers on Linked-in, Facebook or Tweeter?  So, instead of telling five people about their service hiccup with you, they can now instantly tell a thousand times that number!  It would not take many unhappy customers to cut a sizeable dent in your bottom line and brand reputation.  With customer expectations up 33% over this time last year, you are very vulnerable to a today’s wired and potentially dangerous customers. 

Wired and Dangerous: How Your Customers Have Changed and What to do about it is a must-read for anyone with customers in this cyber age.  Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh raved about this book; Lou Dobbs declared it “an irresistible page turnings look at today’s empowered customer.”  I am happy to recommend this new book written by my friends Chip Bell and John Paterson.  Count on it giving you a whole new look at how to serve today’s new normal customer in today’s not-so-normal world.