Sitting down for an interview with the media assumes a few things:  You are prepared, you’ve done your homework, you know about the reporter and the publication… All of these elements are important but once you begin keep in mind the following:

  1. Be Bold:  Know what your headline is and make it bold.  “Early childhood education is the single most important element in closing the achievement gap.”  “Talent drives strategy, strategy does not drive talent.”
  2. Bundle:  There is the “magic of three.”  Bundling key ideas in a group of three makes your message memorable and makes you easier to quote.  “We believe in the power of sales, service and support.”  “Our customers value our quality, convenience and cozy atmosphere.”
  3. Bridge:  You will be challenged in an interview.  You will be encouraged to enter into controversial topics.  Don’t resist or become defensive, instead accept what is thrown at you and bridge to what is most important.  “I appreciate that you’d like to focus on our numbers for the quarter but what is likely more valuable to your listeners, is what is happening overall in the market.”
  4. Bounce:  A great interview is one that displays energy and builds momntum.  Gaining control of an interview is not only about your verbal acuity it is also about your personal energy.  Look attentive, lean forward, listen intently, and be expressive.  Your enthusiasm will translate into credibility, conviction and commitment.