Valentine’s Day is devoted to expressing love, appreciation and affection for others. Those ‘others’ do not have to be limited to romantic partners. Valentine’s Day can be a fun opportunity to express your appreciation for those you work with every day. Here are a few simple things you can do today to share the love –


  • Place a “secret admirer” Starbucks card on your colleague’s desk thanking them for work well done.
  • Write a surprise LinkedIn testimonial to recognize a co-worker.
  • Take to lunch a behind-the-scenes, under-appreciated, hard worker.
  • Volunteer to come in early or stay late tomorrow for a deserving team member.
  • Write a profile on a superstar and post on the company intranet
  • Leave pink post-it notes on desks with short messages like: Awesome Colleague, Hard Worker, Fearless Intensity, Super-Duper, Rock Star…
  • Fill a fishbowl with heart-shaped “share the love” coupons you create that offer little perks like (each team member gets to pick one):
  1. End your day 15 minutes early
  2. Ask me for a Godiva chocolate
  3. Extend your lunch hour
  4. Take a lunch hour yoga class

Whatever the gesture may be for you – simply do it. Nothing feels as good as sharing the love.