Tag: Making the most of what you’ve got

Professional Presence is just a Tweet Away

You are new to the organization. You are learning the ropes and trying to figure out the culture and the politics of the company you are now working for. You wonder how to fit in while standing out. You begin to find yourself in networking situations, company meetings and hallway conversations where it is important to be your authentic self while also demonstrating your professionalism.

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Working with the Waves that come your Way…

Earlier this month on vacation, I found myself in Huntington Beach, CA. (better known in some circles as “Surf City”). My visit just happened to coincide with the finals of the U.S. Open Surfing championships. Curious too see what this kind of sporting event would be like, my brother, who I was visiting, took me out onto the Huntington Beach Pier in time to watch the men’s final event. It had come down to the two top surfers – hometown native, Brett Simpson and South African, Jordy Smith – the number one ranked surfer in the world.

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