What do Beyonce, Freddie Mercury and Christine Lagarde have in common?  At first blush, not much but in fact, they are delivery muses named by some of speech coaching clients.

As a coach, I often work with people who have incredible ideas and a lot to share but when it comes to standing before an audience or being on camera, their nerves get the best of them.  In those cases, the question asked is, “how do I relax, manage my nervous energy, and come through with confidence in front of my audience?”

This is where Nathan Chen, Reese Witherspoon, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson might come in handy.  Yes, these are a few more names that have come up when working with clients on a confidence building technique I call Infuse with a Muse.

Here’s how it works. When preparing for an important presentation, take a quiet moment, close your eyes, and visualize your success.  To build your confidence and engage with energy, steep yourself in an image of someone you admire.  This person should be someone who carries themself proudly, connects with their audience, brings excitement, intelligence, or charisma to the interaction.  This could be someone you know or have some fun and embody the essence of a famous person who inspires you.  How would Meryl Streep walk across this stage?  How would Hasan Minhaj energize this audience?  Ask yourself, how would Javier Bardem master this moment?

I am not suggesting that you imitate your muse as much as borrow some of the qualities and attributes you admire about them.  Personally, I like to channel Jennifer Lawrence’s casual charm or Brene Brown’s relatable practicality and wisdom.

Infuse with a muse is all about getting centered by thinking of someone who inspires you and can provide a spark that will assist you in leapfrogging past whatever presentation jitters you may be experiencing.  And even if you are not feeling nervous, your muse will simply help you elevate your presence.