Fast, Intimate, Team Feedback

As a leader, you are always looking for new ways to engage and enlist your team. The following is an opportunity to consider.

With a mature and seasoned team, one of the most powerful and fast, exercises you can take your team through is one where the feedback your team hears is from each other – not you, their leader.

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Adventures in Communication

I am excited to announce a new collaboration with filmmaker and videographer, Steve Zagata, called Adventures in Communication. Our video blog invites you on an exciting journey to communication mastery through expert guides, timeless wisdom and exceptional resources.

We know that good things happen when you communicate powerfully! When you join the AiC community you will

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What do leaders need from their leader?

Ideally, individuals are assigned to a leadership position within an organization because they are trusted, highly competent, great with customers and know how to enlist and engage their people.
With that high level of competence comes an assumption that they don’t need much guidance or handholding. They are big boys and girls, being paid accordingly and know what to do and simply need to be given the runway to make it happen.

What then, is the role of their boss – the CEO, President or Business Head? The obvious answer is to provide strategy, direction and clear goals and to allow that individual to accomplish them. Beyond that, what else would support their success? Here are a couple of ways the leader of leaders can stay connected and provide additional support:

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