I am excited to announce a new collaboration with filmmaker and videographer, Steve Zagata, called Adventures in Communication.  Our video blog invites you on an exciting journey to communication mastery through expert guides, timeless wisdom and exceptional resources.

We know that good things happen when you communicate powerfully!  When you join the AiC community you will


  • Receive our introductory 2X4 Communication Tool Kit.  2 Reports for 4 months that feature skill building tips and techniques to help you create a foundation for compelling communication that will get you recognized, rewarded and remembered.
  • Gain access to ideas and perspectives from experts, authors, speakers, gurus and business professionals on how to best communicate with your employees, customers, stakeholders – even friends and families.
  • Have the opportunity to participate by reacting to our blog or even pitching an idea for a featured video or interview!
  • Be the first to receive our updates and recommendations for products and services that will enhance your skills.
  • Obtain ideas you can read or listen to today and put into action tomorrow.

Visit us today at http://adventuresincommunication.com/  We feature a great video interview this month with authors Chip Bell and John Patterson on their new book:  Take their breath away:  How imaginative service creates devoted customers.

Thank you!