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Do leaders need to show they like their job and us?

When someone attains a leadership position – whether in politics or business – we assume they’ve worked hard to achieve that role and are likely being compensated well.  Should we expect them to like the job and us? I say yes. 

In his new book An Effort to Understand David Murray’s essay “We deserve leaders who act like they like us” caught my attention.  We’ve all had the experience of working with or for individuals who look like, sound like and feel like they’d rather be doing almost anything else than leading.  It can show up in any number of ways:

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Watch your tone, Missy!

“Watch your tone, Missy!” I heard that a few times growing up from my parents and I knew exactly what it meant and still cringe today thinking about those moments. It referred to the times I was being disrespectful or mean spirited in my comments. Speaking that way got me nothing but trouble.

As an adult and communication coach I recognize that “tone” is one of those important tools we need to be sensitive about when it comes to the way we communicate everyday. If we want to get traction for our ideas rather than trouble, we’ll watch our tone.

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Increase your influence by perfecting your pitch

If they’d only ask what you thought. You have twelve ideas percolating in your head

about ways to improve the business processes, but will anyone listen? You want to
stand out and be heard, but you can never seem to get a word in.
Making sure you are seen and heard in the crowded marketplace of ideas and
personalities can be a challenge. Distinguishing yourself, however, is essential to
success in the world of work. Following are a few practical and concrete steps to help
you perfect your “pitch” and become a powerful advocate for your own ideas.

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