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Increase your influence by perfecting your pitch

If they’d only ask what you thought. You have twelve ideas percolating in your head

about ways to improve the business processes, but will anyone listen? You want to
stand out and be heard, but you can never seem to get a word in.
Making sure you are seen and heard in the crowded marketplace of ideas and
personalities can be a challenge. Distinguishing yourself, however, is essential to
success in the world of work. Following are a few practical and concrete steps to help
you perfect your “pitch” and become a powerful advocate for your own ideas.

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Free the business strategy and mobilize people power

As a leader in an organization, you are likely to be perceived as the one with the answers. You can expect team members to look to you for direction and customers to look to you for accountability. Certainly there are situations and organizations that may require an autocratic leadership style in the short term, but it rarely produces the kind of growth, efficiency, and brand reputation that is necessary for long-term sustainability. Your greatest resource for long-term sustainability is the people you interact with on a daily basis- both employees and customers; their knowledge, their commitment, and their perspective are your reservoirs of growth potential.

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Cascading communication is key to success

What would it mean to you and your organization if your employees were well informed, clear on strategy and focused on the right things? I know we can all agree you’d would be unstoppable. Great communication is key to creating an organization that prides itself on knowledgeable employees, transparent communication and an engaged atmosphere. A critical element in the flow of communication is the power of CASCADING.

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The nine components of happiness

Bhutan is an idyllic Buddhist kingdom known for its gentle way of life. Bhutan is located in Southeast Asia at the eastern end of the Himalayas. The fourth king of Bhutan coined the phrase “gross national happiness” (GNH) more than 30 years ago to suggest an enlightened Eastern alternative to the pressures of the materialistic West.

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