As we move through this holiday season, remember that there are many small and simple things we can do to let others know they matter.  Here are 12 ideas to get you started – thankyou

  1. Stop by a colleague’s office, stick your head in and thank them for their help or support.
  2. Stop by their manager’s office and let him know how their direct report made all the difference.
  3. Start your own unique way of expressing appreciation – thank you notes, balloons, flowers…
  4. Organize a quarterly new restaurant outing as a way of bringing folks together.
  5. Compose a glowing LinkedIn testimonial for a deserving co-worker.
  6. Go out for coffee with two team members you feel should get to know one another.
  7. Offer to help with resume writing to colleagues in transition.
  8. Tweet about someone’s good work.
  9. Bake a bunch of something good and share with your team members.
  10. Tour a new employee around the office and introduce them to others.
  11. Text a meaningful quote or message to someone who continues to amaze you.
  12. Find the perfect book to share with a co-worker who always energizes and inspires you.

Thank-you’s matter.  Don’t miss your chance.