Make Meaning, Be Memorable, Build your Personal Brand


Whether you have worked for a single organization for many years or are just starting with a new company – you are an entrepreneur at heart.  Each of us is responsible for our own career development and personal brand.  Building your brand and your personal visibility helps you get noticed and serves your company by increasing their presence in the marketplace.

Charismatic communication is a key differentiator for business professionals.  Delivering meaning makes you memorable and builds your personal brand.

The challenge for busy professionals is you often don’t have time to take intensive courses or commit to long-term coaching.  BRANDYOU Communication builds a bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

Speech Coach and Communication Consultant, Mari Pat Varga, takes her top 10 communication best practices and shares them in an interactive 60 minute to 3-hour session.  If you adopt and adapt these 10 techniques you’ll see your communication transform immediately.  The techniques are user-friendly, practical and powerful.  They include:

  • Becoming the ultimate brand ambassador for your organization
  • Two sentences that will guarantee message clarity
  • Discover “universal truths” that help you reach every audience
  • Formulas to organize instantly when you don’t have time to prepare
  • Delivery techniques from the acting and improv world
  • Story-telling techniques that will humanize any presentation
  • How to create a six second personal branding statement

BRANDYOU Communication will refresh, revive and recharge your communication – whether one-on-one, a teleconference, a staff meeting, a sales presentation or with a large auditorium audience.  Make meaning, be memorable and build your brand!