The great news for folks who want to improve their communication is that we have coaches, tutors and guides all around us providing examples of big and small ways we can improve. 

A few days ago I stopped into a neighborhood restaurant for lunch.  The waitress, Nancy, approached the table and with a big smile on her face and said, “Gosh, you look so much like my sister, Carol, and because of that I am gonna be super attentive to you today and if you want dessert, I’ll be sure to secure the biggest slice of cake for you.  I know you probably don’t have a lot of time, so, what can I get for you…?”  Nancy delivered a great experience for me that day and I noticed as she floated from table to table she exhibited the same upbeat friendliness to all her customers.

Nancy’s personal and humorous approach brightened my day and made my lunch experience memorable.  I learned something about how to create “instant intimacy” with a customer from Nancy that day.

Nancy’s a great communicator.  Nancy might have been an unlikely coach but there she was in all her glory providing a terrific example of how to connect powerfully with customers. When I think about great communicators and/or great communication a few things come to mind that characterize what makes them “great.”

The communicator or (communication) is

  • Open and accessible
  • Inviting and invigorating
  • Wise and insightful

Look around, observe – take the adventure and be open to the abundance of great examples that surround each of us – every day.