Chances are your office walls may be lined with friendly reminders like, “The customer comes first.” But, how do you bring those words to life so that they resonate with your employees and customers in new and different ways? Here are a few simple-to-execute and rich-in-outcome tactics that any organization can use to hear and act on the voice of the customer.

First, Establish Customer Town Hall Meetings. Invite a diverse group of customers to meet with frontline and operations employees to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Find out what truly matters to your customers first-hand.

Next, Shop The Competition. One of the best ways to improve your services is to shop someone else’s. Arm employees with a guide that includes a checklist of things to accomplish during their competitive shopping experience. Compile employee responses by establishing a bulletin board on the company’s intranet. Identify best practices that your business can adapt.

Finally, conduct Customer On-The-Spot Check-In’s. Identify available opportunities to get your customers’ feedback. Those opportunities can range from times when customers are standing in line, holding on the phone, or receiving a final bill. Choose a question of the month like, “If we could improve one thing about the way we serve you, what would it be?” Compile what employees have gathered from customers and identify what ideas you’ll take action on. The more channels you provide to have your customers front and center with your employees and senior management, the more dramatically you will move from platitudes to purposeful interaction.