Is your organization:

  • Embarking upon significant change?
  • Recovering from a crisis?
  • Preparing to enter a new market?

We help leaders drive better business results by communicating pivotal messages in powerful, inspirational and engaging ways.

The Challenge

Some clients who sought our support shared:

“How can I get every manager and supervisor in our organization to drive the same message at the same time so that we can fully integrate our mission and goals and every employee sees, feels and acts on where we are headed?”

“For so long, my people have been playing not to lose.  How can I get them to play to win?”

“I need every employee to understand that we’re in a battle for our lives.”

“A crisis nearly sank us, but we made it.  Today, we are smarter, stronger and better than before.  How can I help my employees see it, believe it and recover their confidence?”

We believe that great communication that is cascaded through the entire organization is key to success.  Too often:

  • The CEO shares the big picture messages to his leadership team and it gets stuck there.
  • Manager and supervisors are only vaguely aware of the context and the “why” behind the change
  • Campaigns become the “flavor of the month” and credibility is lost
  • Senior leaders are perceived as living in the “golden tower” removed from what is really happening
  • Employees are not engaged and invested in the company’s success

The Solution: Vision Engagement

Has your organization been through rapid change, restructuring or a recent merger or acquisition?  Have you decided to revitalize your company by rebranding or unveiling a new vision and mission?  Do you want to make sure that the changes your organization is going through mean something?  Do you want to ensure that your rebrand or new vision does not simply become a plaque on the wall collecting dust?

Our model and process will help you:

  • Increase employee engagement substantially
  • Move team members from Toxic Messengers to Business Champions
  • Create a direct line of sight between every employee’s role and the organization’s goals
  • Train and coach leaders to drive messaging that engages employees, delivers a superior customer experience, reaches performance goals and builds the brand.

Contact us today to schedule a 20 minute conversation to find out more about how we can assist you in fully engaging your employees in your vision.